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Look Beautiful… Oh! Bride & Groom

Posted by shaadivows on May 11, 2009

You have to look picture perfect in your wedding and you don’t want to take any chances as far as looks are concerned.  Looking good is mandatory for both the bride and groom. You have to look nothing but stunning. Going for expert pre-wedding packages is the best way to make sure your look your best.

The package for brides includes:picmakeup

  • Full Waxing
  • Spa/Facial
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Hair Spa Treatment
  • Haircut/Colour
  • Bleach
  • Massage
  • Threading

For the grooms the package includes:

  • Hair Cut/Colour
  • Shave
  • Massage
  • Facial/Spa
  • Bleach
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

The rate for these packages may vary from 3000-15000 depending on how elaborate a treatment you choose.


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Bridal Make-up

Posted by shaadivows on May 5, 2009

It’s your day and you can’t afford to look anything but the best. Make the most of the moment. Make sure on your D-day and couple of days before that you:

  • Avoid any kind of food which gives you oily, swollen, irritating skin. Couple of things you should stay off are caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, red meat etc.
  • Drink enough water (atleast 8-10 glasses) this will keep your skin hydrated and flush off body toxins, end result a glowing skin.
  • A day before your wedding, take an appointment in your favourite salon and pamper yourself with a facial, massage, waxing, threading, hair spa, manicure and pedicure… et al. Make sure you go to a parlour who knows your skin cause you don’t want to end up with an infection/rash.
  • If you have hair colour/or any other treatment, refresh it a week before your wedding.
  • Remove all makeup the night before your wedding. Put lip moisturizer or Vaseline on your lips to avoid dry lips. Your face should be properly washed and clean before you start your make up on the wedding day.

Choosing a professional bridal makeup artist, might be costly (it ranges between 1500-20,000 per occasion), but it is definitely worth it. The reasons why one should invest in a professional are:2

  • They are experts in their domain
  • The products used are high quality
  • They can give you many options as far as makeup is concerned

When choosing your makeup artist, keep the following in mind:

  • Your budget
  • Consult your friends/peers and take a review on the artist
  • Speak to the makeup artist in person and discuss the look/looks you want to adorn
  • Book the makeup artist at least 2 months in advance. Check the events you want to hire them for and also check whether he/she would bring their hair artist and draper along with them.

If you have decided to do your makeup yourself, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Avoid pink tone foundation. It will make your face appear pale in photographs. Also when you apply foundation make sure you apply in all exposed areas – your neck, hand and back. Avoid pale blushers. Warm shades go well with Indian complexions and look good in photographs. Lipstick should compliment your outfit. Avoid pale colours and flashy colours, as most bridal wear tend to be bright, either of the choices will spoil the overall effect.
  • Make sure you use smudge-proof eye makeup. Do not use artificial eyelashes, for it looks odd in real life.
  • While applying make-up, blend it well. There should not be any visible lines. In case you are using translucent powder, for a long-lasting make-up, avoid patting too much. It will make your skin look dry and flaky.

Makeup Guide

  • Practice doing your makeup several times before the wedding day. 1
  • When you practice, have someone take a photo of you when you complete your makeup. You want to make sure that the makeup looks good on camera.
  • Wash and masteries your face before applying a concealer. Select a concealer which is one tone lighter than area around your eyes and nose. Then gently apply and blend it all over the face and under the neck an oil free foundation, which will last throughout a long and hot day. Try and choose a colour tone, which is slightly lighter than your skin tone but never for white. Matte foundation is best suited for Indian skin tone. It gives a natural effect.
  •  Touch up blemishes with a concealer stick
  • Apply translucent powder and spread evenly all over the face to get that matte effect.

Make sure before you hit the venue you carry an emergency kit. Make sure the kit contains these essentials — cold remedy and stomach upset medications, Band-Aids, smelling salts, tampons, pads, dusting powder, hand lotion, tissues, bobby pins, basic make-up kit, deodorant, perfume, small hand towel, hairdryer, gel, hairspray, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, earring screws, buttons, flat shoes, iron, safety pins, sewing kit and a small flashlight.

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Bridal Mehndi

Posted by shaadivows on April 30, 2009

Mehndi is a very prominent part of weddings across India and the application of Mehndi on the bride (in some cases also on the groom) is very elaborately celebrated.As discussed the Mehendi night is something like a hen night in the West, with all the bride’s female friends and relatives getting together to celebrate.  For Middle-Eastern and Indian subcontinent brides, it is mehndi plays a special role.content-mehndi

Its a popular belief that the deeper the colour of your mehndi, the more your mother-in-law would love you. A good deeply-coloured design is a sign of good luck for the marital couple. In some cultures it is common that the groom’s name is hidden and the mehndi design; and the wedding night cannot commence until the groom finds his name. The Bride is not supposed to indulge in any housework before her mehndi fades off.

Mehndi is has a cooling and calming effect on the body and mind. Due to it’s healing effect it is used to treat a variety of disorders such as dandruff, skin lesions, burns, etc.

These days there are different kind and range of mehndi artists available in the market. Choosing your bridal mehndi artist for your wedding, can be a difficult decision. There are some points one must consider before zeroing on one.

  • Always have a detailed chat with the wedding artist before selecting one. You really want someone you can connect with, and who understands all of your needs. Take your time choosing the design and dont just go by what is popular. It is your wedding… Do as you want to.
  • Bargain well and then fix a price, do remember to take a reciept of the advance given.
  • Make sure your Mehndi artist doesnt book another client on your day. You have to take your own time, relax and don’t want things to end up in a rush.
  • Always make sure the mehndi wala is using naturally prepared henna cones which contain no additives and preservatives, these result in skin infection, and their dye dies in a few days.
  • If your guests need mehndi application from the same artist, inform him/her in advance about the number of people. Make sure you have atleast 2 dedicated people working on your designs.
  • Ask the artist “what kind of care needs to be taken before and after taking of the henna from your skin?” Apply lemon-sugar to dab onto your henna after the paste has dried, this seals your henna and gives it better colour. Your design should stay at least for 4 hours. Avoid water for the first 24 hours, as best as possible.
  • The most important part is when your mehndi is applied enjoy yourself and relax. Spend time with friends, listen to music etc.

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The Wedding Invitation

Posted by shaadivows on April 26, 2009

The type of wedding invitation you choose actually reflects your personality as a couple, and also on the kind of wedding you are planning. Everything about your wedding, starting with wedding invitations should reflect your own personal style. You choose the venue, colour, theme, time etc of the wedding reflecting your personality, so should your wedding invitation.

Before choosing the right invitation you must keep the following in mind:

  • The theme: Chic or extravagant, bright or subtle, traditional or modern: As is your wedding so is your invitation. The wedding theme gives a direction and helps you shortlist the right wedding invitation.
  • Start Early: It’s a general thought that choosing your wedding invitation is quite quick. Ask yourself “Will you settle for any invitation card or you would pick the invitation for your wedding.” Research through net, friends, collect sample and then wisely, make a decision. My advice is to start looking early, in order avoid the “Must decide today no matter what” panic make a good decision, not a snap decision.
  • Involve important people: Decide who would be given the responsibility of selecting the invite. Would it be the bride/groom, mom, dad, a sibling, best friend, aunt etc. Once the samples are chosen take a poll of the important people involved in the wedding.

Earlier there was limited choice available as far as wedding invitations are concerned. Today, things are different; invitations come in a various exciting colours, styles, sizes and themes. You can choose from various kind of paper, font and print available.

While choosing your invitation, keep the following in mind:

  • Wedding invitation budget
  • Wedding type: traditional, formal, casual, outdoor, indoor
  • Colour scheme & Theme of your wedding
  • Wedding Season

When you have chosen the invitation, before giving it for printing, decide on:

  • Font and Colour: Most of the wedding invitations available nowadays already have matching fonts and font colours. If you want to further customize your invitation, or if you want to design the invitation yourself, be conscious of the readability of the font style you like to use. Some font styles really look good and classy but can be difficult to read. Choose font colours that are in harmony with the rest of the design.
  • Content: Make sure you include the name of important people with general consensus. The invitation should ideally go from the host, be it the parents, the couple, etc. You can have a single or multiple invites in one for different functions. Remember to include a reply card, if not an R.S.V.P.
  • You can personalize your invitation by adding short texts that relate to you, be it an excerpt of a poem or a book, a religious verse, etc. Make sure that there are no spelling errors and the details of the dates or venues are correct. Even if the proofs of the invitation have already been checked before printing, it is highly recommended to go over the content of the final wedding invitations before sending them. Typographical errors are glaring considering the low volume of text in an invitation.


In Hindu Weddings traditional and most widely used pattern in Indian Wedding Cards are the religious motives of Lord Ganesha, Om, Swastik, Palki or doli, Kalash with coconut etc. Of these, image of Lord Ganesh is highly popular and still an important part of the wedding card. Terracotta Ganesha painted silver and adorned with a floral border is a much sought after pattern in present times. In South India, wedding invites bearing deities of Tirupathi richly designed on maroon background with dangling tassels are very much in vogue.

The Muslim wedding cards usually have embossed writings from the Koran or depict a holy mosque embellished with ornamental borders. While the Christian wedding invites are usually simple. They usually bear the traditional symbols of love and commitment like a bride and a groom holding hands, or wedding bells, flowers and bouquets, wedding rings etc.

In recent years cards have changed considerably. Now a day’s people have become very experimental, they choose patterns like: illustrations of a young couple holding hands, the simple images of Gods, or the picture of entwined hearts.

Customized wedding invitations have become a rage especially in metros. Cards embellished with jewels and semi-precious stones are also popular in the higher-end range. Initially, wedding cards were made on smooth and simple paper but today they are made either of handmade paper; criss- cross paper or foreign art paper. The cost of a wedding card varies with the type of paper used. A card made of handmade paper would cost more than one made of ordinary paper. They range from as low as Rs. 20/ per card to couple of thousand for an invite. These days people send souvenirs like sweets, chocolates, gold/silver coins etc with the invites. Wedding cards range in size from a simple 10×15 to opulent XXL size like 25×30.

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Adorning the Bride with Jewellery

Posted by shaadivows on April 20, 2009

Jewellery is very important in any Indian Wedding. The Indian bride is decked in different pieces of jewellery, which compliment her.1-sm33431

Today’s Indian bride prefers to experiment keeping traditions intact, same goes for the jewellery she chooses. Girls prefer jewellery which shouldn’t be restricted to their wedding and can be worn on special occasions after marriage as well.

Bridal jewellery can range from gold (most popular), platinum, diamond and even silver, depending on the taste, clothes, look & budget. These days, wide variety of stones are also available which are different in size, shape, colour, quality, price, like rubies, emeralds, amethyst etc. If you are ready to splurge then you can opt for designer or customised jewellery. Jewellery is also available on rent if one doesn’t wish to spend a fortune on the same.

Jewellery for pre-wedding functions need to be minimal and not over the top. Go for a gold or silver chain with a diamond/precious or semi-precious stones pendant. Bride adorns heavy jewellery on her wedding and reception.

Basic items which are a part of the Indian bridal Jewellery are the Maang Tikka, Nose ring (which varies in size and shape across India-In some communities it is seem as a symbol of matrimony), Necklace (sometimes multiple necklace of varying lengths are worn), bangles and bracelets (Bangles can be of different kinds. It can be made of gold, silver, iron, ivory, glass, ceramic or other metals depending upon the custom and rituals of the particular region), rings, hathphool, armlets,  waistband, payals &  toerings.  Today it is not so important to load the bride with jewellery from head to toe rather its mandatory to see the items chosen are comfortable and stylish. They should go well with the garment and occasion.

For Hindu Brides, the mangal sutra becomes one of the most important part of a women’s wedding jewellery, she has to wear through her lifetime. This is tied around the neck of the bride by the husband during the wedding rituals. It has to have some black beads along with the gold pendant. It is believed in Indian traditions that to protect the couple from evil eyes. Now – a – days, the mangaksutra have taken a more stylish avatar and have become more sleek and contemporary, the gold pendent is often replaced by a diamond one.

The kind of jewellery also depends on your caste, like the marwaris usually prefer diamonds while the punjabis prefer heavy and chunky gold jewellery with colour stones.


Choosing the right kind of jewellery:

  • 2The brighter or the more bling the better. Well, you don’t necessarily need to abide to this rule. Bling and gold are surely in but your bridal jewellery would be incomplete without stones that match your bridal outfit.
  • Indian weddings include a lot of show-off but you shouldn’t go overboard. Try keeping the focus on a few pieces combining them with simpler items. You can try layering strands of diamonds with a heavy choker. Make sure you don’t layer two heavy pieces of jewellery together.
  • Make sure you like and are comfortable with what you are wearing
  • As suggested buy your pieces according to the budget, look and occasion
  • Avoid buying as an investment as there is a chance that you might compromise on design.

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