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Elaborate Affairs with Marwari Wedding

Posted by shaadivows on April 7, 2009

marwari-weddingMarwari weddings are very elaborate & have huge display of wealth.

The Tika (engagement) ceremony is held at the bride’s house, but she doesn’t participate in the ceremony, as it is a male only ceremony. The bride’s brother applies a tilak on the groom’s forehead to confirm the alliance.

Griha shanti and Ganapathi sthapana is a very important ceremony in any Marwari wedding and is held separately in both the houses a couple of weeks before the wedding. An idol of Lord Ganesha is installed in the house and puja is performed by the family priest. All other ceremonies are held after this ritual.

Following this we have the Pithi Dastoor which is a very elaborate ceremony where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom in their respective houses.  The bride walks in under a canopy, held by 4 women from her family. The women hold the corners of the silk cloth and guide the bride to the ladies gathering where the paste is applied on her. After this ceremony, the bride and the groom cannot leave their house until the wedding ceremony.

Mehfil is held in the evening separately for the men and women.  The women dress up and dance on traditional songs. The bride and the groom are seated in their respective mehfils and are allowed to take part in the dance occasionally.

After Mehfil we have the Janev ceremony where the groom is dressed like an ascetic and is given the choice of family life and ascetic life. The groom decides to pick the later till his maternal uncle convinces him to take up the family life instead.

The bride’s relatives bring clothes & accessories, which the groom will adorn on the wedding. This is called the Palla Dastoor ceremony. The groom hits the toran tied in the bride’s house with a neem stick, this ceremony is named as the toranachar. They believe that this ceremony wards off the evil eyes.

The groom is welcomed by the bride’s mother who applies a tilak and performs aarti.The bride and groom exchange garlands in the Jaimala ceremony.

The marriage ceremony starts with the a ritual called Granthi bandhan. This is like the Gath Bandhan where a cloth around the groom’s waist and the dupatta of the bride are knotted to indicate the union of the bride and the groom. Then the groom takes the bride’s hands in his signifying the future they have ahead called the Paanigrahan ceremony. This is followed by four pheras.

The bride indicates that she is ready to take up challenges in future with courage as she kicks the grinding stone, this is called Ashwahrohan. Her brother offers the bride puffed rice as a symbol of his good wishes. The bride hands some of it to her partner and throw it in the sacred fire.

We now have the Vamang-sthapana and sindurdaan ceremony. The groom requests his wife to sit on his left which shows he has placed her in his heart. He then applies sindoor to the bride. This is followed by Saptapadi.

The groom’s father puts a bag full of money in the bride’s lap. The bride gives a part of this money to her sister-in-law (husband’s sister) and her husband. After this the bride and the groom leave the mantap, this is called Aanjhala Bharaai

We have the Paharavani ritual where a tilak is applied to the groom and the women from the bride’s side take the groom and have a fun session. When the bride is set to leave she breaks an earthen pot on the dehleez (porch of her house) before she proceeds to her in-laws.

For the Bidai as the bride sits in her car a coconut is kept under the wheel. The bride lifts the veil first time before her husband and he is to give her a gift.

Post the Grihapravesh one has the Pagelagni ceremony, where the bride still under her veil is introduced to all the family members who in turn give her gifts. 


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