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Adorning the Bride with Jewellery

Posted by shaadivows on April 20, 2009

Jewellery is very important in any Indian Wedding. The Indian bride is decked in different pieces of jewellery, which compliment her.1-sm33431

Today’s Indian bride prefers to experiment keeping traditions intact, same goes for the jewellery she chooses. Girls prefer jewellery which shouldn’t be restricted to their wedding and can be worn on special occasions after marriage as well.

Bridal jewellery can range from gold (most popular), platinum, diamond and even silver, depending on the taste, clothes, look & budget. These days, wide variety of stones are also available which are different in size, shape, colour, quality, price, like rubies, emeralds, amethyst etc. If you are ready to splurge then you can opt for designer or customised jewellery. Jewellery is also available on rent if one doesn’t wish to spend a fortune on the same.

Jewellery for pre-wedding functions need to be minimal and not over the top. Go for a gold or silver chain with a diamond/precious or semi-precious stones pendant. Bride adorns heavy jewellery on her wedding and reception.

Basic items which are a part of the Indian bridal Jewellery are the Maang Tikka, Nose ring (which varies in size and shape across India-In some communities it is seem as a symbol of matrimony), Necklace (sometimes multiple necklace of varying lengths are worn), bangles and bracelets (Bangles can be of different kinds. It can be made of gold, silver, iron, ivory, glass, ceramic or other metals depending upon the custom and rituals of the particular region), rings, hathphool, armlets,  waistband, payals &  toerings.  Today it is not so important to load the bride with jewellery from head to toe rather its mandatory to see the items chosen are comfortable and stylish. They should go well with the garment and occasion.

For Hindu Brides, the mangal sutra becomes one of the most important part of a women’s wedding jewellery, she has to wear through her lifetime. This is tied around the neck of the bride by the husband during the wedding rituals. It has to have some black beads along with the gold pendant. It is believed in Indian traditions that to protect the couple from evil eyes. Now – a – days, the mangaksutra have taken a more stylish avatar and have become more sleek and contemporary, the gold pendent is often replaced by a diamond one.

The kind of jewellery also depends on your caste, like the marwaris usually prefer diamonds while the punjabis prefer heavy and chunky gold jewellery with colour stones.


Choosing the right kind of jewellery:

  • 2The brighter or the more bling the better. Well, you don’t necessarily need to abide to this rule. Bling and gold are surely in but your bridal jewellery would be incomplete without stones that match your bridal outfit.
  • Indian weddings include a lot of show-off but you shouldn’t go overboard. Try keeping the focus on a few pieces combining them with simpler items. You can try layering strands of diamonds with a heavy choker. Make sure you don’t layer two heavy pieces of jewellery together.
  • Make sure you like and are comfortable with what you are wearing
  • As suggested buy your pieces according to the budget, look and occasion
  • Avoid buying as an investment as there is a chance that you might compromise on design.

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