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The Wedding Invitation

Posted by shaadivows on April 26, 2009

The type of wedding invitation you choose actually reflects your personality as a couple, and also on the kind of wedding you are planning. Everything about your wedding, starting with wedding invitations should reflect your own personal style. You choose the venue, colour, theme, time etc of the wedding reflecting your personality, so should your wedding invitation.

Before choosing the right invitation you must keep the following in mind:

  • The theme: Chic or extravagant, bright or subtle, traditional or modern: As is your wedding so is your invitation. The wedding theme gives a direction and helps you shortlist the right wedding invitation.
  • Start Early: It’s a general thought that choosing your wedding invitation is quite quick. Ask yourself “Will you settle for any invitation card or you would pick the invitation for your wedding.” Research through net, friends, collect sample and then wisely, make a decision. My advice is to start looking early, in order avoid the “Must decide today no matter what” panic make a good decision, not a snap decision.
  • Involve important people: Decide who would be given the responsibility of selecting the invite. Would it be the bride/groom, mom, dad, a sibling, best friend, aunt etc. Once the samples are chosen take a poll of the important people involved in the wedding.

Earlier there was limited choice available as far as wedding invitations are concerned. Today, things are different; invitations come in a various exciting colours, styles, sizes and themes. You can choose from various kind of paper, font and print available.

While choosing your invitation, keep the following in mind:

  • Wedding invitation budget
  • Wedding type: traditional, formal, casual, outdoor, indoor
  • Colour scheme & Theme of your wedding
  • Wedding Season

When you have chosen the invitation, before giving it for printing, decide on:

  • Font and Colour: Most of the wedding invitations available nowadays already have matching fonts and font colours. If you want to further customize your invitation, or if you want to design the invitation yourself, be conscious of the readability of the font style you like to use. Some font styles really look good and classy but can be difficult to read. Choose font colours that are in harmony with the rest of the design.
  • Content: Make sure you include the name of important people with general consensus. The invitation should ideally go from the host, be it the parents, the couple, etc. You can have a single or multiple invites in one for different functions. Remember to include a reply card, if not an R.S.V.P.
  • You can personalize your invitation by adding short texts that relate to you, be it an excerpt of a poem or a book, a religious verse, etc. Make sure that there are no spelling errors and the details of the dates or venues are correct. Even if the proofs of the invitation have already been checked before printing, it is highly recommended to go over the content of the final wedding invitations before sending them. Typographical errors are glaring considering the low volume of text in an invitation.


In Hindu Weddings traditional and most widely used pattern in Indian Wedding Cards are the religious motives of Lord Ganesha, Om, Swastik, Palki or doli, Kalash with coconut etc. Of these, image of Lord Ganesh is highly popular and still an important part of the wedding card. Terracotta Ganesha painted silver and adorned with a floral border is a much sought after pattern in present times. In South India, wedding invites bearing deities of Tirupathi richly designed on maroon background with dangling tassels are very much in vogue.

The Muslim wedding cards usually have embossed writings from the Koran or depict a holy mosque embellished with ornamental borders. While the Christian wedding invites are usually simple. They usually bear the traditional symbols of love and commitment like a bride and a groom holding hands, or wedding bells, flowers and bouquets, wedding rings etc.

In recent years cards have changed considerably. Now a day’s people have become very experimental, they choose patterns like: illustrations of a young couple holding hands, the simple images of Gods, or the picture of entwined hearts.

Customized wedding invitations have become a rage especially in metros. Cards embellished with jewels and semi-precious stones are also popular in the higher-end range. Initially, wedding cards were made on smooth and simple paper but today they are made either of handmade paper; criss- cross paper or foreign art paper. The cost of a wedding card varies with the type of paper used. A card made of handmade paper would cost more than one made of ordinary paper. They range from as low as Rs. 20/ per card to couple of thousand for an invite. These days people send souvenirs like sweets, chocolates, gold/silver coins etc with the invites. Wedding cards range in size from a simple 10×15 to opulent XXL size like 25×30.


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