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Bridal Mehndi

Posted by shaadivows on April 30, 2009

Mehndi is a very prominent part of weddings across India and the application of Mehndi on the bride (in some cases also on the groom) is very elaborately celebrated.As discussed the Mehendi night is something like a hen night in the West, with all the bride’s female friends and relatives getting together to celebrate.  For Middle-Eastern and Indian subcontinent brides, it is mehndi plays a special role.content-mehndi

Its a popular belief that the deeper the colour of your mehndi, the more your mother-in-law would love you. A good deeply-coloured design is a sign of good luck for the marital couple. In some cultures it is common that the groom’s name is hidden and the mehndi design; and the wedding night cannot commence until the groom finds his name. The Bride is not supposed to indulge in any housework before her mehndi fades off.

Mehndi is has a cooling and calming effect on the body and mind. Due to it’s healing effect it is used to treat a variety of disorders such as dandruff, skin lesions, burns, etc.

These days there are different kind and range of mehndi artists available in the market. Choosing your bridal mehndi artist for your wedding, can be a difficult decision. There are some points one must consider before zeroing on one.

  • Always have a detailed chat with the wedding artist before selecting one. You really want someone you can connect with, and who understands all of your needs. Take your time choosing the design and dont just go by what is popular. It is your wedding… Do as you want to.
  • Bargain well and then fix a price, do remember to take a reciept of the advance given.
  • Make sure your Mehndi artist doesnt book another client on your day. You have to take your own time, relax and don’t want things to end up in a rush.
  • Always make sure the mehndi wala is using naturally prepared henna cones which contain no additives and preservatives, these result in skin infection, and their dye dies in a few days.
  • If your guests need mehndi application from the same artist, inform him/her in advance about the number of people. Make sure you have atleast 2 dedicated people working on your designs.
  • Ask the artist “what kind of care needs to be taken before and after taking of the henna from your skin?” Apply lemon-sugar to dab onto your henna after the paste has dried, this seals your henna and gives it better colour. Your design should stay at least for 4 hours. Avoid water for the first 24 hours, as best as possible.
  • The most important part is when your mehndi is applied enjoy yourself and relax. Spend time with friends, listen to music etc.

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